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photoDue to the space limitations of a text message, please note that it is particularly important to read carefully, pay close attention to the context of the question, and use the answers as a springboard for further study.

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Q: If I cut an onion with a pareve knife on a meat cutting board that was used within the last 24 hours for meat, is my knife now considered meat?

A: Although a pareve cutting board should generally be used in these circumstances, the knife is still considered pareve (R. Y.S. Elyashiv).

Q: My son has Fleishig Phobia- he won’t eat meat during the day because he is afraid he will miss out on some dairy treats during his 6 hour wait. Are children required to wait 6 hours between meat and milk?

A: A child does have to be taught to wait before eating dairy once they are mature enough.  For a typical child, there are different approaches to how this education should be carried out.  Some require the child to keep six hours (according to the prevalent custom) as soon as he reaches a level of maturity and understanding that allows it (Steipler) but on the other hand some say that a child doesn’t have to wait more than an hour until reaching the age of Bar/Bat mitzvah.  Most authorities advocate a middle approach that has a child gradually build up so that he is waiting six hours just before Bar/Bat Mitzvah age.  In this case of “fleishig phobia” it makes sense that the child should, at the very least, be encouraged to build up to six hours very slowly and gradually or even to suspend the buildup temporarily until he stresses out about it less and less often.

Q: Can an avel serve as chazzan for a yahrzeit that occurs during his 12 months of mourning and comes out on Shabbat?

A: Yes (Shearim Mitzuyanim Bahalacha)

Q: If my housekeeper (who is not Jewish) bakes brownies in my kitchen, do I have to turn on the oven?

A: Yes, since the consensus of most authorities is that even people that are lenient to not require Pas Yisrael when purchasing factory produced bread, cakes, and cookies would nevertheless need to adhere to Pas Yisroel in this situation since it is relatively easy to implement (Shach, Chochmas Adam, Chelkas Binyamin).

Source: Rabbi Isaacs Blog

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