Kiddush Sponsorship

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a kiddush at BJC!  To reserve a kiddush, please read the information below and click on the orange button to fill out the kiddush sponsorship form.

Can I sponsor a kiddush by just writing a check?

Yes! If you would like BJC to prepare the kiddush, please choose from one of the packages mentioned below and indicate your selection on the form above.

What are the kiddush packages that BJC provides?

To view our newly simplified BJC Kiddush Packages, click here.

Can I use an outside caterer/restarant to provide the food?

Yes! All Vaad certified caterers and restaurants (see here for a list) are also approved to cater a kiddush at BJC.  If you would like to use a provider that is not Vaad certified or you would like to put it together yourself, please indicate your preference on the form above and we will contact you to discuss. Depending on the menu, it may entail hiring a Vaad mashgiach to provide additional supervision, and some menu items may not be approved.  If using a non-Vaad certified caterer, please do not finalize the menu before it has been reviewed by Rabbi Isaacs and Rabbi Twerski.  A $100 setup/cleanup fee applies to any sponsored kiddush at BJC.

Can I sponsor Seudah Shelishit/Shalosh Seudos?

To sponsor a bagels and lox Seudah Shelishit in memory or in honor of someone, please contact the office.