Matanot L’evyonim:  On Purim Day, each adult gives enough money to purchase a meal to two destitute people.   To arrange in advance: These funds may be given to Rabbi Isaacs or Rabbi Twerski, placed in the containers at shul, or via this Paypal link (in the Use this donation for menu choose “Matanot L’evyonim”) at any time before Purim or on Purim morning and they will distribute the funds on Purim to local needy families.  

Matanot L’evyonim is the most important Purim charitable contribution and in our distribution of the funds we prioritize local needy families that are known to us personally.  It is preferable to make these contributions well before Purim so they will be available to us to distribute on Purim day.  

Commemoration of the Machatzit Hashekel:  It is customary to contribute three half-dollars per family member before Mincha on Taanit Esther or on Purim morning.  There will be a container available in shul on Taanit Esther and on Purim that contains half-dollar coins.  First you exchange your money (cash or check) with the correct amount into the container, and lift up the three half-dollars to acquire them.  You then fulfill the giving of the Machazit Hashekel by placing the three coins into the container.  This is repeated on behalf of each family member.  

Alternately, you may donate the appropriate amount via Paypal using this link